Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Hi, hi!! I'm sorry it's been a while... there is always literally zero time to email!! Sooo news!!  I was transferred again to a new area called 화양  (Hwayang)!!  Such an amazing ward… the members are all about missionary work. Helping us teach, preparing to serve missions, coming home from missions... the best! Also really close to Dongdaemun… same Stake, same zone... I will see everyone again!  Also... it is Marina's ward. SO happy!! I was so surprised to be transferring again, and for sure to be transferring sooo close... Marina said, "I have a confession. I prayed that you would come to this ward." ~^^ We all know she has the most powerful, faithful prayers. So happy!!! 

Also my greeny... Sister Kim Won Jin. SOOO not a greeny. She is amazing!!!!! So hard working, outgoing, strong. She doesn't care about running to places or skipping meal times... perfect greeny!!  This will be such an amazing transfer!! (Ps I'm sorry, no time but we will take pictures next week!) 

This week we met with our investigator and a member shared an analogy about hearing the spirit's voice. He said it is like a radio... sometimes right when you turn it on you get to the weird channel where it is kind of muffled, static-y... you can slightly make out the words, music... but not distinguish what is being said.  As you continue to turn the channel and work at it... eventually it will become clear. You will be able to hear the words, beautiful music, understand the lyrics. When we first start to pray, come to church the first time, or listen for the spirit... sometimes we can't recognize or hear it.  Over time as we continue to work at it, it will become more clear and real to us. We will be able to find guidance, help, comfort in every aspect of our life. Whether it is as we read the scriptures, pray, listen to conference... Heavenly Father wants and will guide and comfort us!

Have an amazing week! I can't believe it is already OCTOBER.

Sister Davis! 

Ps – I didn’t take any pictures this week but here are some funny ones that Marina took.  I feel so blessed to have her back in my area. <3 <3 <3

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