Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Se-mi-aeh is getting Baptized!!!

Hiii hiii sorry it's been so long!! Things have been really fun, really cold.... and really busy in my new area. We have been seeing so many miracles lately. We are doing a new thing as a zone where we plan for a specific miracle every day (specific person we want to meet - who, where, what are we teaching) and write it in a certain place on our planner. Then we pray for it, study for them, and go find. One night last week we prayed to find a girl in her 30s, looking for the purpose of life. We prayed for it, studied… and then had street boarding. The entire time we met a lot of busy people... then some interested people... then people who wanted to Bible bash and yell at us... but not her. We went home that night, finished planning, prayed. We were going through the phone contacts list and decided to call a number. This girl was from China and wanted to meet. She met the missionaries 2 years ago but no one ever called her. She was sooo fun and kept asking questions. Then before we even invited her... she asked when church was this Sunday. She came yesterday, with a friend, talked with all the young adults and wants to keep learning and coming to church!  Miracle~

Also amazing news: My investigator from my last area is getting baptized this weekend!!!!  Se-mi-aeh from Japan! So soooo so happy. I have seen so many miracles on my mission so far... but this is the first person that I met who put a sticker on our board, felt she was so prepared when we first talked on the street... and is now getting BAPTIZED. She said when we first met, she knew about Jesus but had so many fears. Now she is still afraid of water... but because she loved Jesus Christ and has desire to follow Him… she can overcome all fears. So true!

So excited we have Elder Bednar coming this Wednesday to Korea!!! More on that next week. Also huge shout out to my best friend DORIS who's birthday was last week. I love and miss you~~~

Have a good week!! 

Sister Davis

My first MLC last week.  Great to see Sister Lee & other friends!  <3

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