Sunday, October 23, 2016

Baptisms & Bednar... hard to top this week!!!

Hellooooo! This week was sooo sooooo good. First, Se-mi-aeh was baptized on Saturday!!! She was so amazing and asked the Dongdaemun sister's to take her to the Seoul temple the morning of her baptism to pray because she was so grateful. She shared her testimony at the baptism of how she was able to overcome all of her fears through realizing her desire to follow Jesus Christ. She is so bright and I feel so lucky to have been able to be a part of her gaining this new confidence and happiness!!!

We also met with Elder Bednar this week in the Seoul South mission. I was able to see all my MTC friends and Sister Woo from my first 2 weeks at the MTC!! I learned SO much from Elder Bednar. One thing he shared was the difference between praying as an object and as an agent. For example... An object goes to church and prays "please help the missionaries to find people to teach." Agent: "I will invite my friends to learn from the missionaries...please help me have confidence and find the words to say. Object, " Please bless those who were not at church today with thy love." Agent, "We will visit those who weren't at church today, share a message and invite them to come with us next week." I know I am so guilty of saying literally the same prayer before my mission every time I blessed the food, or prayed during Sunday School... Elder Bednar talked about how faith is action, if we pray and ask God to do the work for us there is no faith in that prayer. 

I thought how that could relate to asking for blessings, meeting goals or becoming the people/missionary we want to be. We can't wait around for God to send us the experiences, people, trials that will shape us and develop our testimonies. He asked, "Is conversion something an agent does or an object receives?" We will not magically change as we wait for life to happen. We have to set a vision, set goals, and actively work to achieve them, and we will be shaped and "become" in the process. We are lucky Heavenly Father already showed us the way and the perfect example through our Savior. We can act in faith, pray in faith, and actively become more like Him every day.

This week I met an alien at English class. He told me he was from Mercury and then told me my rock, paper scissors skills are weak. Then committed me to practice rock, paper scissors 500 times every day!!!!  So that was this week!! 
Have a good week!

Sister Davis

Best day in Dongaemun being a part of 2 wonderful Baptisms…
Se-mi-aeh & the Elder’s great investigator

ELDER BEDNAR & being reunited with my MTC Sisters…
Sister Woo (Seoul South Mission) & Sisters Mulitalo & Lee from my mission

Sister Woo is training my greenies MTC friend!  <3

So ya… we had A LOT to celebrate this week!!!

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