Monday, August 15, 2016

So SO hot here... but happy :)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hiii from Korea! It is so SO hot here. We are literally going blind and dying!!....but happy. :) One story this week: Every week we do Family Home Evening just with three elementary school aged, less actives in our ward. One was baptized 3 years ago, always comes but doesn't like to focus or listen when we share the spiritual message. This week, she listened and was so sincere. She told us that she believed in God when she was baptized, but she is the only member of her family and lately has been questioning if God exists. She wants to go to heaven, but says she needs to become a better person to go there. Now that she is starting Junior High next week...her mistakes seem real and more serious to her. She was so cute and asked, "Before I start middle school, can I please be baptized again?" We had a really amazing conversation about repentance and our loving Heavenly Father. 

Also amazing miracle! Our investigator I talked about last amazing. Moved to Malaysia yesterday with her son :/ But! Read the Book of Mormon (in 5 days) up to Alma 24 and said she finally found the hope she was looking for her entire life. She wants to stay in contact and find a ward there. It was such a short, random week but I feel so so lucky to have been able to meet her in Korea just in the moment she needed the gospel. 

This week
---Found Jamba Juice and California Pizza Chicken....may or may not have cried
---We have an investigator we are teaching English and the gospel to. She wanted to practice her pronunciation at home and decided to take a video of me reading this Spongebob book. BUT she cut the video so all you can see is my mouth speaking the words. She sent it to our phone when we were on splits. So my companion opened it from a random number, just a mouth speaking "good morning Spongebob!!" *No idea who the video is from* You had to be there...but so funny!!

Have a good week!!!

Sister Davis

Park Dobby and Doris

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