Monday, August 15, 2016

Johnsons in Korea...What?!!!

Hiii Amazing week!! First shout out to my best friend Brittface and my grandpa DD for birthdays this week!! I love you!! Also this Sunday I had a surprise visit from some of my favorite people, Paige, Katelyn and Drew Johnson!! I can't even explain how excited I was to see them and it definitely made my week!!!

This week we received our transfer calls and Sister Kim and I are staying in Seoul together woo!! We met a new Chinese investigator this week and had an amazing lesson together. So prepared. She grew up Buddhist but a year ago started to believe a God exists. Her grandma was really sick with cancer and at that time her Professor (who attends another Christian church) taught her how to pray for her grandma. After a few weeks her grandma was miraculously healed… from cancer!!  She says, "I know there is a God and He answers prayers." She came to Korea in June and went to a Catholic church for the first time. She said she felt an overwhelming spirit, like a hug, embracing her and she almost wanted to cry. We taught her about the restoration up until the first vision. I was so sooo terrified… I always teach the Joseph Smith first vision lesson in Korean and didn't want to mess it up.  But I prayed to be able to share it and that our investigator could recognize that spirit and power again... then I said it for the first time in English!! She just said "wow," was speechless, and Sister Kim and I felt the Spirit embracing us too. It was such an amazing moment with her. She came to church this Sunday, loved the different feeling of peace in our sacrament meeting and wants to be baptized. We love her so much and are so so happy to have met her!!

Alsoooo not important side note buttt: she is studying at Korea University and we met her for the first time in the Business school there. Unreal. The entire campus is built like a castle...looks like Hogwarts!!! I'm going to go there. Transferring!! 

Have an amazing week!! I love you!

Sister Davis

My Johnson Sisters!!!  <3

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