Sunday, August 28, 2016

Keep Your Tents Turned Towards the Temple

Hiii, I love Korea!! It was such an amazing week :) First, the weather is SO nice now. It was the hottest I've ever experienced in life 2 weeks ago and now I actually freeze at night with 3 blankets... changed so fast. This week we had Stake Conference and the Asia area President, President Whiting came and spoke. I don't have much time, but his talk was really great. One part I really liked was when he contrasted King Benjamin's people, facing their tents towards the temple to hear his words, with Lot's family in Genesis, who left Sodom before it was destroyed but then on a hill faced their tents back towards the wicked city (the world). King Benjamin's people were converted and joyful... but then 20 years later, their kids didn't believe or follow. What happened? Are our tents constantly facing the temple... or slowly turning more and more towards the world? We first have to check our own tents, faith and conversion.

This week we met our investigator who has such strong faith… and really sassy. She asked about what we do in the temples and as we were explaining about the plan of salvation and those who couldn't learn about Christ on earth getting a second chance she quickly said, "No! No second chance. If you don't learn about Christ on earth, too bad. That's it. Uh oh." I thought about that and realized what kind of loving God would we have if he didn't provide the opportunity to learn about Christ, and for forgiveness and second chances when we fall short or make mistakes. I realized that He loves us all equally. Those who follow Him and those who don't. But I think that as He watches those who follow Him and obey... He knows that that person loves Him back. Those who don't obey... He still loves, wants to help, would accept at ANY moment that they turn back to Him... but He is sad because they don't have the opportunity to receive His full blessings and He cannot feel that they love Him back.

Funny story this week! Sister Kim and I were taking the bus to an appointment, I was talking to someone on the bus and it was our stop to get off. Sister Kim yelled my name and I got up so fast to leave, but the door shuts... she had gotten off... with the phone. The bus started moving and normally they really don't want to stop again. So my first instinct was just to pretend and yell, "Help. I have to go! From America. No Korean!!" They all wanted to help me and let me off... Actually another lady got off with us and we ended up laughing and having a really good conversation.

Ok so novel, I'm so sorry and not even 1/8 of everything that happened this week. Have a good week!


Park Dobby

She is amazing at art!! Drew me out of chocolate from a chocolate fountain... ㅎㅎㅎ

Our girls!

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