Sunday, September 11, 2016

Happy Birthday Mom!!

To start Happy birthday to my amazing mom!!! I am so SO lucky to be blessed with her example (realizing what a blessing this is even more as I have been serving), and hope to become more like her. Side note: everyone in Korea who sees her picture asks if she is Miss America or a movie star ㅋㅋ Demi's the best! Also birthday shout out to my best friend Allie, serving in Paris!!

This week started with our trip to 경복궁 Palace in our Korean traditional dresses. Sooooo amazing…and huge!! We needed 4 days to really experience it...and had under 2 hours...but beautiful. Also funny story: Park Dobby's 10 min. of fame. We were walking and a lady came and asked me to do an interview in my dress (foreigner power). They gave me this "instrument" - a round, flat circle with a wooden stick - and asked me to guess how to use it. At first I thought maybe music so started tapping it and Then maybe cooking so I started stirring it....anyway! It's a Korean circus toy that you spin on the stick!! I will try to send video :) 

This week's miracles!! First our Korean Investigator who learns English with us. She is the cutest! When we first started 30/30 English gospel program...she focused during English and then would almost sleep during lessons. But as we have continued to meet her and show her love...practicing ABC song, showing pictures of family, teaching me an old Korean song and learning together, pulling out her iPhone and SO slowly typing abc and sending to random people....she became someone we really loved and she gradually opened her heart to accept the gospel. This week we invited her again to be baptized...she said no because another church (only goes bc they allow her to exercise there....). We felt to ask her about her personal prayers and relationship with Heavenly Father...and she has never prayed on her own before. We promised that God knows her, she is His daughter and will answer her prayer about baptism. She was tired and wanted to quickly leave but agreed to say a "short" closing prayer. She started out just briefly thanking for the opportunity to learn English...then paused for a minute. Then she started to cry and gave the most humble, sincere prayer. She closed the prayer, paused, then started a second prayer. The spirit enveloped the room and we were all crying together. 뿌듯해요!! 

Oh my there were so many this week and I have no time :/ But all I can say is this work is amazing and I am so lucky to be a part of it. Heavenly Father knows and loves His children and is a part of every little detail of our lives. He knows to place us on a subway at a certain time, knows how to lead us to a specific members home, and knows the person who will find our card with our number (the 3 cards I accidentally dropped on the street bc I didn't want to carry a bag...), call, come to church and find the hope he was looking for his whole life. When we put Heavenly Father first and serve with Him and for Him in everything we do, He will bless us and we will see miracles. 

Love you all!

Sister Davis

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