Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy Chuseok 추석 !!! Korean Thanksgiving

Hi, hiii sorry I didn't email last week and have almost noooo time again this week... but I will talk about last week!! 추석!! Last week was Korea's big Thanksgiving Holiday. First, to celebrate we went to Seoul, Namsan tower with Kim Min Su from Sinchon ward. To be honest I thought we could do more at the top... but it was beautiful overlooking all of Seoul and so cute with a million, couple love lock trees and bridges. We won the teeter totter and Korean game competition (By we, I mean Sister Kim and Min su... I just was in the pictures J) and got to write a letter and hang it on a traditional Korean bag on this bridge. Ohhh!!  Quite the prize, but it was really cute - I'll send pictures!! On Thursday all the missionaries came together at the mission home, hiked up to the top of the mountain, ate Traditional Korean food (subway sandwiches), played games and watched the Joseph Smith movie. Also news! Elder Bednar is coming next month to Korea and we will have a combined conference with Seoul South mission! 

This week! We started Personal Progress with our 13 year old girls we meet with every week. Our two girls who are less active have really been opening up the past few weeks and were excited to start... although the motives vary among the group. One of the girls is so sincere, takes notes and sets goals... while the other girl says to me, "the necklace is real gold?!" *then to herself* "Oh. I wonder how much you can sell that for..." Hahaha!  So far they somehow manage to come every week and stay to the closing prayer of the 3rd hour of sacrament meeting... we are working on it! 

I loved the testimony of one of our members we met this week. She told us about when she came to BYU and for the first time learned of all the crazy things people think about our church. She started to doubt and have questions, but then realized she has a testimony of 4 things and nothing else matters. 1) God lives. 2) Jesus Christ is our Savior. 3) Heavenly Father and Christ know and love her. 4) When she reads the Book of Mormon she is happier. So simple but so true. She says those 4 principles have carried her throughout her entire life… anytime she has trials or stress. She can always trusts God and moves forward because she knows with her whole heart those 4 things are true. 

Have a good week!! 

Sister Davis

Heart shaped chairs with leaning edges to help you sit closer together
I thought they were the cutest couple & asked to take a picture of them
In front of the Love Lock Trees  <3

Sister Kim & I with a pair of Korean Wedding Ducks 원앙세트
The Teeter Totter Contest… Kim Min Su was awesome at it!
Namsan tower - N서울타워  is the highest tower in Seoul.
Sushi buffet = so sick 

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  1. I've done the teeter-totter thing... it's hard to get started!