Sunday, August 21, 2016

Goodbye Doris...For the REAL last time

Hiiiii!! This week I saw Doris (성희) for the REAL last time - I promise… she's in America!!! I think our 5th or 6th "final goodbye" ...but she arrived, went to temple square and ate Cup Bop! I feel sooo lucky to have met her my first day in Seoul, Korea. She was baptized 4 days before I came and was the strongest convert on planet earth. In 3 months she became my best friend and I learned so so much from her testimony and desire to help the missionaries. My heart was just a little happy (Best ever!) when she sent me her pictures in front of Salt Lake temple this week!! 

This week I was thinking about in 3 Nephi where Christ talks about knowing His church by their fruits. 3 Ne. 14: 18 "A corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit." Being on a mission, I've really come to recognize how our lives, our happiness are evidence that this Church is true. I have never seen anything negative from following the Savior and striving to live His gospel... but I have personally experienced it improve lives, bring hope, change priorities, strengthen families, heal... bring so many blessings to enrich our lives and lead us to real happiness. It is ONLY "good fruit." Before my mission, I was so focused on all the wrong priorities... which I thought would make me happy. But then would always leave me thinking, "Ok. What's next?!" The joy was so temporary and I felt like I was always, almost searching for happiness. I can promise that the only way to find true and lasting happiness is from learning of Jesus Christ, applying His Atonement and following Him. As we focus on the Savior, our lives will work out as they are supposed to, our priorities will change, our families will be stronger and united, and we will be able to say we are truly happy. 

Love you all! Have a happy week!!!

Sister Davis

Also this week:
---I love Korea!!! In Seoul they have these places called Board Game Cafes. You sit down in comfy, couches/booths and receive a menu full of all the board games you can order! Seriously! The lighting is dim, can order food, everyone is so intense... so funny. We went for DORIS's last Pday in Korea and played Clue - I won. :)

---Also.... our rotten egg experience!!!!!! Traumatized. When I first came to Korea… I was SO surprised when my companions kept our eggs outside of the refrigerator (it was January)... but just accepted it and thought it was Korean culture. Soooo. Now it is a million degrees and we don't have air conditioning in our apartment. We went to make eggs this week and it was BLACK! I think I went blind and cried. Literally traumatizing experience. I will never eat eggs again.
Sister Lee!!  Reunited

The district!

For real last time!!  She left for America!!!!

Clue / Board Game Café

I won!!!!  But what’s new  ~^^

Rotten egg – real picture.

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