Sunday, May 1, 2016

This looks like dog. 안되요 (It doesn't become)

Hello!! OH MY. Literally craziest week on planet earth...from people we met, weather (freezinnng winter coats for two days and then tshirts..), experiences, and MIRACLES. I wish I could just list every story this week, but because time is so short, I will just share a few. First: I still feel like a greeny! This week I was able to do an exchange with Sister Alcober from the Philippines (my baby MTC district) and be her greeny trainer for a day....we saw so many miracles together~ One example: as we were walking back from an appointment, a random number calls and asks when our English class is...30 min. later, she showed up at class. She heard about it from a flier her friend had received a long time ago, decided to come and wants to do our 30/30 English/gospel program! This week we met someone who the missionaries have been teaching for a while. Every time they taught lessons, she has felt uncomfortable with praying in front of the missionaries...but this week as we were finishing the lesson, she asked FIRST if she could say the closing prayer!! She thanked Heavenly Father for allowing her to feel the spirit as we met and prayed to continue to feel it throughout the week. Also amazing! It is very rare to receive referrals in this area. Because it is so small, everyone here knows the missionaries, has referred their friends, knows about our English class...etc. But. This week we received 3 referrals!! When we contacted each person, they asked us first if we had time to meet the following day (one of them asked for the exact time someone else had just canceled 10 min. before). Another miracle: So in my greeny days...I had no idea we had meal time…but we do! An hour for lunch and dinner. Because that's soooo much time, I have been going through the phone and calling all the old numbers without records. It was a little discouraging when it had been almost a week and almost every number had moved to Seoul, rejected us, or didn't exist anymore...But this week we were able to set one appointment and visit her. SO crazy. She is a hair dresser, who went to America (UTAH) to buy Nuskin products to sell in Korea. She received a Book of Mormon from them and was referred but never taught the lessons. She attends another church but wants to start learning!! Also, funny story with her. As we were finishing the lesson, she says, "I want to make you more beautiful" and has my companion go sit in her chair (we met at her hair salon).  NO idea what is happening....she pulls out her scissors and starts cutting her bangs. Then she has me sit in the chair, pulls at my hair and says "this looks like dog. 안되요 (It doesn't become) Koreans like straight...." thennn proceeds to cut my hair and straighten it. So funny!

The last miracle is our new investigator. She is a 90 year old 할머니 who I loved the minute we met her on the street. The first time we visited 2 weeks ago, she stood us up. As we were leaving, I thought "no! We are going to teach her!!" and marked my favorite scriptures in a Book of Mormon and left it at her door. This week, we both felt like we should stop by her house to visit. She immediately welcomed us in and asked to look at pictures of our families. As we were talking, I looked over at her desk and saw the Book of Mormon - with SO many notes and marks on it. I asked her if she read it and she said yes where we marked and wants to learn more about our church. When we asked her what Jesus Christ means to her, she immediately starting crying because SO grateful. I grabbed her hand and have never felt Heavenly Father's love for someone so much as I did in that moment. She is a miracle. Ahhh I love missionary work!! The church is true!! 

Have a good week everyone!!!!
Sister Davis

---Also awkward story. We met a man on the street who asked about our church and agreed right then to go with us to the building and meet the elders. Golden right?! An hour later we see him again on the street and ask how it went. He asks me: "If I come to church on Sunday will I get a girlfriend?" I misunderstood the question and said, "Yes! I've been going since I was young." Ahhhh. 

Picnic with our favorite little buddy…

Ahhh…beautiful Taebaek <3 

Windmills with our district on Pday…
Sister Gu getting a makeover with our new friend…

Don’t be jealous of my Korean food…

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