Monday, April 25, 2016

Rainy in Taebaek

Hello!! Soooo this week it rained a lot..and was reallyy cold but we still are having faith in miracles. Funny story this week! So there are zero foreigners out in the country besides the missionaries. This week, my companion and I were standing in this park, where we see this huge group of volleyball players who were visiting from another area. They all start pointing and then come up to us asking for pictures with me and asking about America...I reply in Korean and their coach starts yelling from the side, "No! Only speak English" he discretely tries to film and take pictures. So funny! Also, as we were walking this week, a middle school student yells across the street, "Hello! I English very well. Want to go to Harvard!" Alsooo..dreamed in Korean last night. Woo!

One of my favorite scriptures is in Luke 22:31-32 and it played a huge roll in my decision to serve a mission. This week during my studies, I read verse 33 too for the first time and learned so much about Peter and faith. I have always loved the first two verses because we know that Satan always wants to test us, to push us until we see if we have any faith remaining. But Christ says He has prayed for us individually, for our faith, and once we come unto Him and are converted, He asks us to strengthen our brethren. Here he is speaking to Peter, and in vs. 33, Peter replies, "Lord I am ready to go with thee." This doesn't mean Peter was perfect, or that he wouldn't still make mistakes..but he had enough faith to leave his past life behind and follow Christ. He trusted that although he was inadequate, anytime he fell short, Christ would raise him back up...because He wants us to go with Him. He wants us to walk with Him and only asks for a willing and ready heart. I was thinking about that this week and how to go with the Savior. In order to know and understand Him, we have to walk with Him. I thought about how Christ came to earth, pruned and watched over his vineyard, prayed, pleaded and sacrificed for it, already knowing people would reject. He continued because He loves us. Last week was pretty difficult. It seemed like everyone was dropping us, rejecting our phone calls, pouring rain so no one on the street, or if we did talk to them they grandmas say "" (Kah) and shoo us away with their hands (literally feel like a seagull). I realize that if we want to walk with the Savior, with His same love we have to pray, plead, serve and sacrifice for the people. We have to continue knowing they may reject us...and do it out of love for them. As Christ representatives, we all have the opportunity to walk with Him every day by how we choose to love and serve others. 

Have a good week everyone!!!

Sister Davis

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