Monday, April 25, 2016

Three months!!!!

This post is for April 17, 2016

안녕하세요!! 오늘 한국에 산지 3개월 되요!! Hello!! Today marks three months in KOREA!! Time goes sooo fast. I don't understand. This week was great...and freezinnnng! I am in my new area and it is sooo different from Seoul but so cute. It is very very country...but reminds me of Park City. Cute small town with little stores. It has one street that is the area's "city" and super green mountains surrounding the whole area. Our tiny branch has 11 members, SO faithful and strong, and I immediately fell in love with them. My first Sunday, the branch President's family couldn't come, so the missionaries made up half of the branch. It was so funny because I lead the music, gave a talk, and said the prayer. They are so cute and do a luncheon every week to end the meeting and talk with everyone!! OH! Also so crazy! They have exercise machines to playgrounds, on the side of the road...So as we are walking (walk everywhere!) we see the grandmas and grandpas on the elliptical and bike machines just off the side of the road in their bright, colorful exercise outfits. So cute!!

Throughout my mission, I have been thinking so much on how to become God's instrument here in Korea and fulfill my calling. In this new area we have no investigators, no one at church and they haven't had a baptism in a few years. I have been focusing on how to strengthen our faith to find, because I know that God sent us here to see miracles in this area. In D&C 42:8 it says, "ye shall build up my church in every region." I kept thinking, how do I strengthen my faith to find the prepared people in this new area!? Last week I was talking to someone on the street who knew the bible inside and out. She kept arguing with me and throwing out scriptures and I had to go get the elders to help because I couldn't understand her Korean. In the end I just bore my testimony and she said to me, "If you want to share, know better truth." Ah. It literally cut straight to my heart when she said that to me. I have been focusing on how to become God's tool and I felt like such a failure in that moment. I don't know the scriptures well enough, the language well can I be God's instrument. I was reading in Nephi 18:2-3 when Nephi was entrusted with the huge task of building a ship, the tool to take his people to the promised land. Wow...pressure. Seriously, scary! But Nephi didn't rely on his own skills/understanding to make the ship, he went to the mount, prayed and sanctified himself to receive God's guidance and then made the ship under God's direction. Similarly, God has entrusted me with the huge task to be his tool in Korea…to be an effective missionary. Sometimes I feel like I don't have time to study enough, or can't speak well enough...but I realized from Nephi's example that I can't become an effective missionary the way I think it should be done. If I just daily sanctify myself, pray for opportunities, am obedient to God's will and have faith, He will enable me to become His tool in Korea. It will be sufficient for the people He has prepared. Ps. We can all be God's instruments as we rely on Him for guidance and have faith. He will qualify who He calls!!!

Oh! Also my companion is the cutest...the tiniest, short Korean and I love her. I know we are going to see miracles this transfer in 태백!!! Have a good week everyone!! 

Sister Davis

Saying goodbye to my Seoul Family…
Marina, Sung Hee & Sister Lee <3 <3 <3

Taebaek is the highest city in South Korea & was a Coal mining town.

The Taebaek Mountain range stretches across North & South Korea,  
making a ridge along the entire eastern coast of the Korean Peninsula. 

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