Sunday, April 10, 2016


Hello!! Big news, big news: I am being transferred!!! I'm going to an area called Taebaek 태백 with a KOREAN companion!!! The area is 3½ hours away from Seoul and the complete polar opposite of where I am serving now. It is actually the only name I had heard of in the countryside because everyone always talked about how it was the most country area of the entire mission...sooooo bring it on! I'm guessing I will still survive without chocolate croissants, Mexican food, taxis, NO English...SO different but I am really excited for the opportunity to work, meet, and love a small branch and really embrace the Korean culture. Also I heard it is beautiful there so expect pictures next week!

This week was SO great...especially because we were able to watch conference the past two days. Amazing!! We actually only have an hour to email now because we are sanctifying ourselves as a mission. One of my favorite quotes from Conference was from Elder Holland's talk, "sanctify yourselves. For tomorrow the Lord will work wonders among you." The email news was shocking at first, but I know we will see miracles here in Korea as we really submit our will to the Lord. Right now we are working with two families. We asked the oldest son of the family to join the lesson this week (he is usually at their study classes...because Korean's have insane school schedules) and seriously total game changer. He is so prepared, asked a lot of questions about the Plan of Salvation, prayed in the end and wanted to come to conference with us. We also celebrated with 성희 who finished her BYU application this week!!!!! We celebrated with Sushi and free Magnum ice cream they were handing out on the street :) Also, we found a cat cafe this week...which is just a regular cafe with 6-7 cats sitting in chairs and couches. Sister Lee loved it…I was afraid. Ahhh I love Korea!!

I have been focusing a lot on Nephi lately and my favorite Nephi quote was from 1 Nephi 17:50 "If God had commanded me to do all things I could do them." I love how Nephi always had so much faith, because he knew that no matter what God asked Him to do, God would enable him to accomplish it. Through that faith he never doubted, knowing God had perfect trust in Him to fulfill his calling.

Have a good week everyone!!! I'll send pictures from Taebaek next week!^^

Park Dobby sister

Goodbyes  L

I love teaching the gospel to my wonderful friends…

I am going to miss these people and walking by the temple everyday

Yeonji   연지   with Sister Davis

Sushi to celebrate BYU application!!!!

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