Sunday, May 15, 2016

Teach The Foreigner How To 피구 (peegu - Korean dodgeball)

Hello!!!! I have no time this week, but just a few updates:
1. 성희 학생 (DORIS) Got into BYU!!!! She moves to America in July and will first go to Arizona to visit Sister Willcox - I told her she has to visit my house and promised Demi's cooking (also we MUST order BYU shirts - mom :)

2. Marina texted yesterday and she is going to the Korea temple this week!! I'm SO happy for her, but the best part is recognizing how happy she is about it. Ah I love her.

3. Three weeks ago, we were teaching our Buddhist investigator when her family visited and said she can't meet the missionaries anymore. She loves the Book of Mormon, so we gave her 3 Nephi 11 and 18 to read, but we had to stop teaching. Last Friday, she randomly called after 2 weeks and said, "I read the BofM about baptism and I know I need to be baptized." (What!! Literally. BofM power.) So we met, had a really amazing lesson and set a baptismal date. Then we met again this week and she said actually I don't want to be baptized and I want to become a Buddhist princess...but will continue to read the Book of Mormon ㅜㅜ

4. We started "teach the foreigner how to 피구 (peegu - Korean dodgeball). We found a group of 10 middle school girls and they all taught me how - not aggressive AT all. Haha basically throwing the ball back and forth...but fun! We now have our Saturday 피구 crew and most of them want to start learning English too. More updates on that next week.

5. We met our new amazing investigator, who wants to move to America next year to learn English...we introduced BYU. She came back next lesson, having diligently researched and said I have two concerns: 1) I saw snow. Will I freeze? 2) I read American boys don't like Asians. Seriously, "How is my appearance to you?" She's so cute!!!

6. Korean fried chicken delivery first timer. Ahhh I've lived in this country for almost 4 months!! Life changing.

Really short but this week I read a quote by Brad Willcox that I really loved and am totally going to butcher but it went something like this, "The Atonement wasn't just a huge favor Christ did for us - the golden ticket to heaven. It is actually a huge investment He made IN us - the opportunity to become golden ourselves." (I shouldn't put that in quotes...totally wrong!! BUT I really loved that. It is so true. The Atonement isn't just to use and get back to the same state each time...but to gain strength to be better the next time, overcome our weaknesses, progress and become more like the Savior. Every day we can become more and more golden as we rely on the Atonement. The best part is: the "golder" we are, the happier we will be.

Sister Davis

Ps. CHAN You looked BEAUTIFUL at your wedding. So so happy for you!!! 

We didnt take pictures this week so here is old one!!! Sorry!!!!

성희 학생 (Doris) – the next BYU coed!!!

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