Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mothers Dayyy!!!

Hello!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! This week was a little harder...but no worries I got to talk to my family this morning!!!^^ So sooo grateful for my amazing family every day. This week was family week in Korea too! Here they celebrate children's day (Wednesday) and parents's day (Sunday), where everyone gives their parents flowers and takes off school to travel with their family. It was also SOOO windy. One night we literally could not sleep because the wind was so loud and scary - it sounded like our apartment was going to blow over and the next morning all these signs and billboards were dangling from the rooftops. Weather is SO crazy here!! This weekend we traveled for branch conference and the missionaries music night...such talented missionaries here in Korea (wish I could still play piano). I was able to see my MTC Companion, Sister Mulitalo!!!!!

Because we saw so many miracles last week, it was a little discouraging this week when it felt like everything was falling through. I kept focusing on everything I was doing wrong, all of my weaknesses that were limiting my ability to become God's tool. I felt like I had all these limitations with language, scripture knowledge, faith, humility...and I felt like all these faults were distancing me from God to do this work. BUT my companion is amazing and told me to turn to Ether 12:27. I kinda thought, Ok. I know this scripture...I have read it a million times."  But when I turned to it this time, I read it an entirely new way. "If men come unto me, I will show unto them their weaknesses. I give unto men weaknesses that they may be humble." I kept feeling like my faults were distancing me from God, but I realized that as we are recognizing our weaknesses we are in the process of coming closer to Christ, and as we strive to change and overcome them, we are gaining humility and those attributes necessary to be His tools here. Then the scripture promises, if we are humble and have faith, His grace IS SUFFICIENT to make weak things become strong. No weakness is stronger than God's grace. As we rely on our Savior, we can not only overcome our weaknesses, but they will become our strengths. And it is NOT easy. It sometimes seems like a huge mountain, but as we have faith, it is possible. We exercise faith every day as we pray, as we study the sciptures, as we act and as we pray for strength to overcome. We are always showing our faith!! 

I love you all!!!!!! Happy mother's day to all the amazing people in my life!!


Hiking in Taebaek on Pday…


Music Night Gang Neung District

Not the live octopus… :/
I have noooo idea what this is!

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