Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter Pt. 2

Happy Easter Sunday to everyone in America!! Because of the time change we celebrated last night with an American family in the ward. They invited all the current and returned missionaries over for homemade Mexican Food (7 layer dip!!! - I cried.) and egg painting. Easter is completely different in Korea...actually if you say happy Easter to someone on the street, they usually reply "I'm not religious" or just don't know what it is. On Friday, our zone planned a huge Easter activity to meet people on the streets and talk about Easter and Christ. Sister Lee and I were in charge of a street board that said, "If today was your last day on earth, who would you spend it with?" Then people would write their family, friends, boyfriend...and it would lead into a discussion of the importance of families, Christ and the resurrection, which allows us to live with our loved ones forever - also cute side note: the Koreans count the days rather than months they have been dating...So whenever we ask couples, they say smile and quickly reply, "Oh, 136 days." So cute. Also, along with eternal families..such an amazing week with Marina (I love her). She is getting ready to go to the temple and we went to the family history center to find her family names this week. She told us that her priorities have entirely changed since she became a member. She didn't think she would get married before and now she wants an eternal family and someday in her 50s go on a mission with her husband. So incredible!! Also I may or may not have cried this week at our two 9 year old girls baptism when the primary all sang the "when I am baptized" song in Korean and when the Relief Society sang "As sister's in Zion" in Korean at ward conference. This gospel is true! You can just feel the hope and happiness of our message as we share it. 

I found a quote I really loved this week. It says, "Although the Lord's understanding of my humanity, my failures, my pride, and my fear is thorough and perfect, so is His love and His optimism for my potential." I love how the Savior see's us as who we can become rather than who we are. He understands our struggles, our efforts and our potential, and is the only one who knows exactly what we specifically need to get much pushing, how many tests of faith, how much refining and discomfort. He also has a perfect knowledge of our capabilities and will not give us anything that isn't necessary for our growth and that He knows we aren't strong enough to handle. (Amazing to think that anything we are going through..Jesus Christ has perfect trust in us that we are capable of overcoming it). These experiences are to stretch us, shape us, and help us come to know Him as our Savior. In 1 Peter it talks about our trial of faith being more precious to us than gold. Gold perishes with fire, but when our faith is tested and lasts, we come to know on a personal level who are Savior is and feel His atonement strengthening us into who we are meant to become.

Funny stories this week! 
---What sound does a tiger make?? In Korea they have different sounds for all the animals and for a tiger it is "어흥" (which literally sounds like "Oh-heung." So funny they think it is the scariest thing ever and when we say "rawr" they say "no. not scary."
---I feel like I know maybe 30% of the hymn book...I remember in Arizona, we sang the same songs over and over and when they switched it up I always thought "ahh. Why are they being adventurous. No one knows this song!!" Well in Korea, they sing all the songs I don't know. I have been asked to lead the music lately at meetings and it's funny/awkward when I'm trying to read the words, find the tune, lead the music. So stressful!!!!
---We met a girl at the street board who says she lives by Everland (which is Korea's Disneyland) I meant to say "Oh! I've never been there!!" And I so quickly without even realizing it said totally smiling "Oh! I don't ever want to go there!!" I just laughed but she got really offended...So many Korean mistakes dailyyy
---We met a new investigator yesterday who is so nice and really really loves Foreigners. She ended up leaving with a couple of my family pictures because Jackson's hair is so beautiful and she wanted to remember the family! 

Sister Davis ^^

With Sister Yoon (recent convert) and Sister Lee

Street boarding for Easter…

<3 Seoul!

Friend from BYU – Seoul South Mission

Seoul food!

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