Monday, March 7, 2016

FC Seoul and Goodbyes to Sis. Willcox :/

Hello!!! I cannot believe I have been here for 6 weeks and am on my second transfer. This week we said goodbye to Sister Willcox...NEVER want to have a dying companion again. We had to walk her suitcases down to the curb, watch her get in the taxi and drive away...leaving Sister Lee, 윤성희 (our third amigo) and I crying on the side of the road. So sad!!! Also can't believe she is with my family currently as I speak. I miss you all!! Good news is: we had the best Pday ever on her last day in Seoul. We went to World Cup Stadium in our area and got to be a part of FC Seoul for a day (football club Seoul). They played Japan's team and won 4-1. The fans go ALL OUT to support their soccer team - Jerseys, scarfs (or two), hats, signs, flags, blankets (and the best part: Seoul is Gryffindor colors - I'm a true fan). They jump, wave flags, and sing songs with individual dance moves for each player throughout the entire game. As soon as the game ends...the entire stadium runs to the outside and has the after party = HUGE crowd of people jumping and singing the songs again! 아싸!! Also congrats to my best friend Mackenzie for getting engaged!!! So so happy for you and Ryan. And happy birthday to Jax, Sloshy and Jujee!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! <3

So we are teaching some amazing people right now annnnd they are almost all foreigners! So crazy I had to come to Korea to meet our friends from Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, Congo (Speaking French), Vietnam, and a couple from China (also met someone from Finland this week mom and told her you served there!!...wasn't interested though. Ahh :/ ). Every week we ask for a Book of Mormon in a new language and are constantly teaching in English! A lot of them came to Korea either to study, work, or just following a desire to move to a foreign country. It's amazing how Heavenly Father is in the details of all of our lives. Everything happens for a reason and for some people it takes coming all the way to Korea to be open to Christ and the gospel.

This week I learned a lot about becoming a representative of Christ. The past few weeks I have really been focusing on how to teach better with the Spirit, how to learn the lessons perfectly, how to set expectations and be committed, how to speak Korean....etc. We had a lesson with one of our foreign friends who said she originally had no interest in our message. She had heard it all before: from having three different religions among her siblings all saying "We are the true church..." or being in a youth group in her 20s saying the same, or people here in Korea telling her "join our church." She said she can't be open to religion right now because she doesn't know which is true. But then she told us," the only reason I am interested is because of the way you live your lives. She said she has noticed a lot of people follow strict rules, read the bible, avoid certain things...but that it doesn't represent how Christ would live. I realized that more important than what we say is who we are. Jesus is our greatest example and we should always be striving to become more like Him. I have so much to work on and feel like I find something new every day, but as we work a little at it daily and rely on the Atonement, we can overcome our weaknesses and become a better representative of Christ. You don't just have to be a missionary to live like the Savior :)

Sister Davis

You're not a real fan unless you have your hardcore FC Seoul scarf - (gryffindor scarf ^^)

Photobombing by Gustavo!!!

Hard core fans – FC SEOUL
Seoul World Cup Stadium – Celebrating victory!!


French Fry Spaghetti!!!

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