Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Easter!!

Good morning!!! The highlight of this week was going to the Seoul Temple on Tuesday. I walk by the temple almost every day and still feel like I will never get over how beautiful it is and the amazing feeling I get when I'm nearby. I feel so lucky to have a temple so close to me...especially when I see people from Russia, Phillipines, and all across Korea traveling to come to Seoul. Also didn't mind that all the sister missionaries went to get MEXICAN food after the temple. The best, the best!

I have loved the past few weeks really focusing on Christ and what He means to me as my Savior. Lately I have been thinking about how to really represent Christ here in Seoul, Korea. Every day I meet people who are going through trials, challenges, stress...many times people who have never heard of Jesus Christ or God. They are enduring everything on their own and don't know about the strength and love they can receive if they turn to their Savior. I love in John 10, Jesus calls Himself the good shepherd who knows His sheep. This week I have been feeling like I can't do my part here to represent Christ because I can't fully empathize with everyone I am meeting. A lot of times on the street people look at me and immediately assume I am just some blonde, 20 year old from America who has never experienced hard times. I kept questioning how can I truly represent Christ when I've never experienced sickness, can I help them when I can't truly "know my sheep." But I realized what I can do is always testify of someone who perfectly does. I may not be able to understand the extent of their trials on a personal level, but I know through my own experiences that our Savior is the only one who does understand. 100%. This is the best message I could share, Jesus Christ loves us so much that He experienced our sorrow, sicknesses, weaknesses, worries, temptations, and doubts so that He would be able to walk with us at all times. I found my new favorite scripture this week in Romans 8. It talks about the different hardships and challenges we may face in life and then in vs. 37 & 39 it says, "Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us...Nothing can separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ our Lord." 

This week we started teaching an amazing family who has never heard of God before. We teach the mom and her 12-year old son (who is so cute and always writes these journal entries in English with the date and weather "partly cloudy"). On Monday we taught them how to pray and I watched both of them give the most humble, sincere prayers for the first time in their lives. Then look at each other and feel so much love in the room for them. It is amazing to every day teach about a God who loves us and our Savior who suffered for all of us so we don't ever have to face anything alone. I love being a missionary!!!! Happy Easter this Sunday!!

Sister Davis 

Batting cages with Gustavo and Marina!

Vietnamese food with Felix and Sister Lee!

I thought this was so funny. Korean decorations/stickers/notebooks always try to do cute sayings in English…

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