Sunday, March 20, 2016


Hi, hello! This week started with Marina's birthday party! So fun but very clear that Sister Lee and I are not party planners/decorators...We all went together to eat that night at our relief society President's house and it was hilarious when her husband who is in the bishopric came out wearing a tshirt saying "Parental Discretion Advised." After we all laughed and explained what that means on the back of movies/games in America he was shocked and said he just ordered it off line from America because it was best seller...not knowing what it meant. Also awkward Korean mistake this week...we met a guy and his friend as we were crossing the street one day. He looks at me and asks if Sis. Lee is my roommate and I said "Well actually she's my companion!!" His face immediately said "oh, awkward...I understand..." and I was like wait no! Not like that..annnd we couldn't save it after that.  

I never have time to read talks but this week I really quickly skimmed an amazing one that I specifically needed this week. It is called "Successfully failing: Pursuing our Quest for Perfection" by President Worthen. He talks about how the best way for us is by faith, study and experience...which often involves failing and falling short. He talked about when Nephi went to get the plates from Laban. Although their first two attempts failed, as Nephi went up the third time he relied on the Spirit to tell him where to go and what to do. "Nephi's life was forever changed in a positive way because he failed twice."

This week I learned a lot about a mission and relying on the Lord to do His work. My first 6 weeks in Korea were SO incredible: it seemed like we always were meeting amazing people, had lessons lined up every day, investigators coming to church, saw miracles like Marina...and eventually those experiences set my expectations. Sooo..last week was really stressful and discouraging when it seemed like a lot was falling apart and every night we were falling short of what God expects of us. Our first Sunday, the families we were planning on meeting didn't show up at church. Throughout the week several lessons fell through last minute, two investigators dropped us, people we met in the street gave us wrong numbers (So fired up after a good conversation in Korean^^ then finding out two days later..ㅠㅠ), or just rejecting us on the street (My Korean has improved to the point where I can now understand when people are speaking rudely - ah so naive)  For the first time on my mission, we had to put a two hour block in our planners for "전도" one day...which is go outside and street contact because we had no lessons. But the good news is, these experiences led me to realize that Sis. Lee and I can't continue by our own efforts. We literally cannot do this work without relying on God to tell us where to go and what to say...which led to our miracle yesterday. 

We originally had 5 lessons planned for before and after church and needed to have a member come so we could do splits and meet them all. We called our friend who could come but has to travel about 40 min. to come to the church. Slowly throughout the day one by one every. single. one canceled on us. By the time church got out...our member had traveled to get here and we had no one to teach. Sister Lee was about to start calling people and I just thought no way is this happening. But then we both went in to the bathroom, said a prayer and said we are going to go outside right now and find someone in 15 to come back to the church with us. We told the member "We're going to find a miracle. 15 minutes!! WATCH THE CLOCK!" The first person gave us her wrong number, the next 4 rejected us and finally we had 2 minutes left and knew we could only talk to one more person. There were three people walking on the street and as I'm praying I thought, no it's that girl. We talked to her and found out she was a really cute student from Japan who comes here every Sunday to study. We invited her to the church and she came without even hesitating and wants to meet next Sunday. We found our miracle!!!!

I don't have any time and sorry that was a novel...but this is God's work and I know that as we rely on Him we can see miracles. Have a good week!!!

Sis. Davis
Kim Min Su and her cute mom


Marina’s Birthday Party!!!

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