Sunday, February 28, 2016


Such an amazing week in Korea!! First...MARINA WAS BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!! Happiest day on planet earth. It was slightly scary at first because she finally got her work schedule and would be working that weekend 10-9 every day - with an hour of traveling. We were all worried because since it was her first day of work...she couldn’t ask for time off: doesn't happen. But then Wednesday, she asked us all to fast with her and she knew Heavenly Father would answer her prayer. She said not to just fast for her to be able to adjust her work schedule, but to fast that she would be understanding with no matter what happened...she is literally amazing. The next day we found out she could work at 11!!! Miracle. Early, early Saturday morning we had her baptism with the ward, missionaries, President and her friends who were also able to take off work (miracle). We sang the Primary song "When I am Baptized" in Spanish for her while Elder played guitar, all crying when we looked at her...literally glowing. So happy!! After her baptism, she shared her testimony and it was hilarious (not the testimony but the three-way translating situation). She would say one sentence in Spanish, then our other friend translated to English, followed by Elder translating to Korean. You probably had to be there, but if you can picture it, try!! So funny. 

At the end of her baptism we sang Marina's favorite song, "I Stand all Amazed." I kept thinking about how that was my favorite song when I was a beehive. I had no idea at the time that 7 years later, I would be singing it in Korean, IN Korea, at a baptism with all these new incredible people that I love. After the baptism, we were able to go to the temple to watch our other recent convert do baptisms for the dead for the first time. Sister Willcox and I went upstairs to the chapel and were reading the hymn, "I Stand All Amazed" again in English. It just hit me how perfect God's plan is and how much He loves us. He sent us our Savior who allows us to change our lives, restart, and continuously progress every day. It's amazing how the Savior is there for each of us, every day at all times. No matter what. To help us change our lives, become more like Him, and be happier than we even thought possible. So true! I promise that as we remember Christ and strive to be more like Him, even with trials, challenges, stress, worries, discouragement...I promise we will be happy. It is possible! I can't even picture my life without serving a mission...really it makes me sad to think about. I am grateful to be here and SO happy every day. 

My favorite quote this week was, "A true faith in Christ is more than just knowing that His Atonement is real, that its purpose is to transform us, and that it will be available as long as that perfecting process takes. We have a Savior who covers us, a Redeemer who changes us, and a Good Shepherd who is willing to go in search of us again and again - continuously" - Brad Wilcox.

 Have a good week!!!!
Sister Davis

Marina’s Baptism!!!

Translating testimony from Spanish…to English…to Korean

Our first Seoul temple day!!

Reunited with Sister Lee from the MTC!!

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