Monday, February 22, 2016

One month in Korea!!!

Hello! I can't believe I have been in Korea for one month scares me because time is going so so fast. This week was full of so many miracles...I have random sticky notes with stories and quotes on books, planners, everything I can find and it is starting to make up a very dysfunctional journal. So first good news...I have my first baptism this Saturday!!!! It has been one of the most rewarding, faith building and genuinely happy moments of my life to watch Marina progress over the past 3 weeks that I have known her. She is amazing, amazing! One thing I loved that she said this week was that her favorite question to ask people is, "What do you like about being a member of your church?" She said she loves to look in to their eyes and watch them light up as they talk about it and she can instantly tell they sincerely know it is true and are happy. Her eyes do the same and I feel my own testimony strengthened every time I talk to her. She is my first little miracle and I can't even explain how much I love her.

One thought I had this week. I hit my one-month mark and was really excited! Then I read my goals from my first day in Korea and....was really disappointed and felt I needed to be giving more and working 10x harder. I read Jacob 5:47 that says, "What more could I have done for my vineyard?" I was really hard on myself and kept thinking I don't want to leave any area or spend any day not giving everything I possibly can. I don't want to regret any time I spent here by not living up to what God knows I am capable of or miss any opportunities. It says at the end of that chapter that as they labored with all their might and kept the commandments, the Lord labored WITH them and according to God's will they saw the fruits of their labors and found joy. This week I defined what serving with my whole heart, might, mind and strength individually means to me, because only I can hold myself accountable. I loved in Ether 3:4 where the brother of Jared asks God to touch the stones. He first recognizes all of his weaknesses and then humbly asks God that if it is His will, He would "touch these stones with thy finger that they might shine forth in darkness." Being a is hard for me to let go of all those tendencies, but I know that when I give my whole heart and mind that despite my weaknesses, God will create me into a light that can help the people in Korea. He doesn't ask for perfection and I know that when we work diligently and are obedient, God will "labor with us" always.

Other random story: This week we were at a member's house and I was cutting an apple...they cut their apples and pears very specifically where you shave off the skin, cut in half and then into smaller pieces. I said, "Oh let me! I need to practice and it's not that hard" (honestly it probably isn't for normal people). I waste almost half the apple shaving the skin...then cut the apple in half on the table...which made a really unusually loud noise. Not realizing, I keep cutting until Marina screams: the plate is on the table in 3 pieces..... ALSO, Sister Willcox and I cooked fish today with its full eyes, head, scales everything on it. Fun adventures of Seoul, Korea! 

Love you all!!!!

Sister Davis

When you can fit in the Korean elders shoes....or even more awkward when they can fit in yours



Prepping the Fish

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