Monday, February 15, 2016

박도비 (Park Do-bi)

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!! We spent our Valentines weekend with Stake Conference and a Valentines party with our English class that included friendly letters, chocolates and cake (I'm clearly not a chef....and the Korean people agree - our cake was untouched). Valentines is different in Korea. On Valentine’s Day here, the girls give chocolate to boys. They have another holiday called "White Day" on March 14th where the boys give candy to girls. Fun, fun! This week we hiked 북한산 (literal translation: "North Korea mountain") and it was so beautiful the entire way. We only made it to the middle top, which was a daylong event - but we want to go all the way next time for round 2. We met a friend at the top who looks at Sis. Wilcox and says, "Three of you are strong hikers....then you have 3 friends. I suggest on the way down go good, bad, good, bad." Sometimes Korean people are very blunt...and literally dragged us to follow that order. So funny! Also this week for New Years, one of our investigators took us to a 고기 buffet (meat buffet). We all sit at a table in front of tabletop stove thing, while she gets plate after plate of raw meat to cook for us. I promise you, we each singlehandedly ate an entire pig that night and more. I lost the table game of rock, paper, scissors and became the lucky person to try fried pig skin and cow guts.... Literally they come out in their raw form, cooked in front of us...coiled up like sausage. This probably goes without saying, but I was very very sick the next day. I also haven't thrown up in 5 years so as you can probably imagine, it was a very traumatic experience for me. Also, this happened a few weeks ago, but our friend 윤성희 gave me my Korean name and I would like to be known by this from now on: 박도비 (Park Do-bi). She knows I like Harry Potter and Dobby was the closest to Davis. Every Korean name has a meaning in Chinese roots, and whenever I tell people my name they either laugh or look at me apologetically and say yeah, Dobby doesn't mean anything sorry. I still love it!!

Both of my parents in their letters to me this week talked about 1 Nephi 17, so I decided to read that chapter this week! I have been trying to think of how I can become the missionary God intended me to be. I was worried that my own limitations with language/confidence/experience would affect how many people I can influence and meet at this time. I loved how Nephi was always courageous, bold and obedient. He never questioned his capabilities when God commanded him to do something, he just quickly obeyed. It's amazing how Laman and Lemuel saw miracle after miracle, yet continued to always go back to their doubts. I loved in 1 Nephi 17:13 it says, "I will be your light in the wilderness and I will prepare the way before you if it so be that you shall keep my commandments." Nephi was always strengthened by the Lord because of his faith, willingness and 100% obedience. He also always recognized their blessings from God, even during trial and challenging times. My goal this week is to be exactly obedient, continue my gratitude journal as I recognize God's hand in my life every day, and not limit the Spirit's capabilities by my own fear and doubts. All God requires is "the heart and a willing mind" (D&C 64:34) and He will shape us into the people he intended us to become.

Hiking 북한산

Pre-hike in the parking lot

I Love Korea!!!

I love Sister Lee and Sister Willcox

Overlooking Seoul

Hanging with the Sisters

Beautiful "North" Korea Mountain (not in North Korea)

Valentine's Party with our English Class!

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