Monday, February 1, 2016

최고!! The best!!

Hiii another amazing week in Korea! Don't have a ton of time today and I honestly cannot remember what happened because this week was SO crazy, but I will try my best. Ok so first, we are seeing miracles in 신촌!! My companions and I read this talk called "Purification" (everyone go read it). In the talk, Elder Cook tells a story about one of his missionaries in Uraguay. They taught an entire lesson to someone and at the very end, a member said one sentence "I know Joseph Smith was and is a prophet of God." With his one line, the spirit was so strong and investigator cried and said he wanted to be baptized. The missionary didn't understand how he could have taught the same principles as the member, but the member's words brought the spirit so powerfully. He went to a conference where they received a challenge: Go home and fast from food and water for 24 hours. During that time, make a list of 10 things you want to change - natural man tendencies - things that distract you from your calling. Fast from those things for 40 days. Every morning pray for help to avoid those things and every night go over the list. Ask for strength to do better the next day. Just like in a fast from food and drink, we show our willingness to give up our physical limitations and weaknesses (hunger/thirst) and do the Lord's will. As we sacrifice our personal weaknesses and take the focus off ourselves, the promise was that we would always have His spirit with us and that God would tell us what to say and where to go. I know that as we sacrifice our natural man inclinations and focus on others, we will see miracles here. I have SO many weaknesses already that are very very obvious, but I also know that as we prayerfully make the lists, God will tell us what is more important for us to change and give up in order to be the people He knows we are capable of becoming. I loved this quote, "There is no limit to what you can do if you and the Lord believe that you can. If you look to Him for your strength and are willing to make the sacrifice, all things are possible."

So this week, we decided to fast and make our lists and we are already seeing miracles here! On Saturday as we were teaching our Book of Mormon class, two Korean ladies came to the church, said they are having problems with their church and just happened to walk across our building today. Sister Wilcox taught them part of the first 2 lessons and they want to come to church and keep learning more! Then yesterday as we were greeting everyone at church, our three new friends came in. They just moved to Korea 2 days ago from Mexico (here to open a Mexican restaurant - YES!) and were looking for a church service. They stayed for church and came to FHE and they are so so awesome! We are so excited to talk to them (ps. they speak English!!) and help them to get settled in Korea. Everyone we meet in Korea is so kind and cute - I promise I am personally learning more from their examples to me than I am even teaching them. I love Korea!

Other funny stories
---we were doing street boarding this week and I passed out a sticker to these college students. This guy takes the sticker, looks right at me, smiles and says "여기" (here), puts the sticker on my cheek - SO red. So awkward hahah
---this other member wants to set up Sister Wilcox and me with her son. She went off for forever about how perfect he is! There are so many accounting opportunities in Korea, we would make more money, or could be a secretary for big companies. Also, because Korean's don't get married young...he will wait for us. Awesome!! 
--We were teaching a lesson and she pulls out pictures of her kids at a concert. It was a picture of them in front of 5 male kpop stars - I barely glanced at it but said, "Oh! No way! One Direction!?!!" - Oh gosh, not even close!
--We were teaching English to our friend Gerard and playing the game "Never have I ever." The Loser has to sing a song for 30 seconds. So our friend 윤성희 sings the cup song from pitch perfect and all of us start singing along and patting the table - Gerard looks at us so confused and says in English = "wow, culture shock." 

Have a good week everyone!!!

Davis Chamae

Happy Birthday Sister Lee!!!

Exploring Seoul on Pday!!!

Korean Food > MTC Food

Ice skating on Pday!!

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