Sunday, July 3, 2016


Hiiii! Oh my...transfers were crazy unexpected but I am going back to SEOUL!! I am transferring to 동대문 and will be with another Korean companion!!! So so excited!! But sad to leave my investigators and members here in Taebaek. The people are so amazing here. I don't know how they do it but from the people we teach, members or just people on the street, somehow they make you feel loved, like you are important to them and make a difference in their life. Everyone! I learned so much from serving here about charity, service and humility. Excited to go back to the city but sad to leave them ㅜㅜ

I don't have a ton of time but wanted to share a miracle this week. It is the rainy season in Korea, so basically 60% of last week was pouring I've never seen before!! With or without an umbrella...completely soaked. After English class this week, Sister Gu and I needed to really quickly go to the store. On our way, a man stopped me on the street, said "hi" in English and then starting asking questions so quickly in Korean that I couldn't understand. In our mission, we aren't allowed to talk to was pouring POURING rain, he had been drinking, we had a really short time before we had to be home... so I apologized and we kept walking. I asked my companion what he asked and she said he wanted to share my umbrella to the store far down the street. We were a little scared but I had a feeling we needed to turn around and help him. As we were walking he started asking about what we do as missionaries and then asked about a less active in the branch. (We have been kinda meeting this woman in secret because she is scared because her husband thinks our church is a cult). It turns out....the umbrella man is her husband!!! He asked what is good about our church and we ended up having a really good conversation about families. We gave him my umbrella so he could get home....annnnd he invited us back over (to get the umbrella) but was open to have us teach the family. It seemed like such a small thing to share my umbrella with someone in the middle of hurricane Katrina...but this small act of service may have a huge impact on this family forever. I am leaving Taebaek so probably will not see the outcome (nor get my umbrella back)...but it was such an amazing miracle and confirmation to me that God will use us through our small acts of service to open hearts and strengthen the lives of people we meet. Find ways to serve those around you!! God uses small and simple means to bring about miracles in the lives of His children. 

Love you all! I will send you information next week about the new area!

Sister Davis

Taebaek Branch!!!
Taebaek Sisters!!!

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