Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hiii...From Sister Davis

Hiii~ I'm sorry my camera is STILL broken so no pictures this week again. I sent it in (I think) last week so it should be back next week ok ok! This week was so amazing!! So many miracles and amazing people. Also I forgot last week but my district is 3 Koreans and 3 Americans...all from Arizona! Mountain View, Desert Ridge and Highland. We are all from Arizona....yet dying because it is 100 times hotter here in Seoul because of the humidity. Buttt this area is so fun and I love it! We live right next to Seoul University, and this week I actually ended up meeting 2 different people who lived right near me in New York last year and are now studying back in Korea. So amazing! 

This week we had the cutest experience with one of our investigators (she's 77 years old). We called Saturday night to invite her to church, and she said no she can't come because she has to go to the hospital the next morning at that time (not serious - Koreans go to the hospital all the time)...but promised to come next week. As church is starting, our cute grandma comes running in and says I'm so sorry! I ran all the way here. I thought when you called last night that tomorrow was Monday....but then I realized it was Sunday!! The hospital is closed Sundays... She felt so bad and ran all the way to church (77 years old) so that the "foreign missionary wouldn't think she lied to us." Then she ended listening so intently during sacrament meeting and having a huge connection with our gospel doctrine teacher. So amazing!!

I have no time but this week I loved the scripture D&C 101:38. Remember the Savior's face in all things we do, be grateful - put Him first...and everything will work out. 

---taught my companion apples and peanut butter this week - "new world!" She says to me *in English* "you're my style"

Sister Davis

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