Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hiii from Dongdaemun

Hii super short because I don't have much time this week (also ps I'm so sorry - my camera broke so I have no pictures this week!). My new area is so AMAZING! I love it. I live with 3 Koreans (only foreigner - they think my food is so weird) and it is so fun! Our area is a huge college town where everyone around the world comes to study - one day I carried an English, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean Book of Mormon. We also live next to a really nice canal / river where people take free aerobics classes and go on long walks at night. So we can walk with and meet our exercising mom's/families at night. My companion is also AMAZING. She is a recent convert and only member of her family - she has the strongest faith, testimony and wants to work so hard! I love it here!!

I have no time but here is a quote I really loved this week: "Of all the impossible things that were ever done in the history of the world, of all the walk-on water-difficult, heart-tearing things to face (miracles: healing the blind, the lepers, raising the dead), surely the Savior's own sacrifice is unequaled. When faced with the reality of this sacrifice, Jesus himself pleaded with the Father that he would not have to go through it. Yet he did it. What power enabled him to accomplish it? It was His love." I heard a talk once that talked about how the Savior could have known by revelation how to succor His people, yet He chose to learn by personal experience - so He would not only be able to help us, lift us, give us strength...but so He would be able to understand perfectly and walk with us so we are never alone to endure. I met a member this week who shared with me one of the most powerful testimonies of the Savior. She is having a hard time and under a lot of stress, but when she thinks of the Savior's Atonement, she knows she can do it. She knows He loves her and she is never alone. 

Have a good week! 

Sister Davis

Elder Manwaring’s family picking him up in Seoul…

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