Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday, November 13, 2016

1 Year as a Missionary <3

안녕하세요!!!! This week was so amazing!!! The weather is perfect and fall is so beautiful. The leaves are all different colors and bigger than my head, twice. Sister Kim gets so embarrassed when I stop on the road with a huge gasp and say "wow!!" Then pick up the biggest leaves. I've never seen anything like it!!!

I'll begin with exciting news: our investigator is getting baptized!! He is actually the elders investigator now… but it was a miracle and I want to share how we met him. A little over 2 weeks ago, Sister Kim and I were doing weekly planning and talking about baptismal dates for the next week. We decided to plan for a miracle, a baptism on 11/26 and wrote next to it "할로윈 파티 참석한 사람" - person who comes to our Halloween party!  Right after we finished planning, we were on our way to the office and met a couple on the subway. We had a really amazing conversation and ended up going 4 stops past our stop. Before we could get their name or number we had to run off, but gave them our Halloween party invitation… praying they would come!! At the very end of the party, brother Chae Hyeon Shik came!!! We were able to meet him 2 more times, then he came to church, and we referred him to the elders (we aren't allowed to teach men). This week he accepted a baptismal date for the 26th of November… in 2 weeks!!! He is so prepared and we are all so excited!

HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER PK, Kailaday!! Everyone watch out for my car, BO :/ Also HAPPY WEDDING WEEK TO MY TRAINER JAMIE WILLCOX!!! I love you!!!! Also I can't believe it but I hit one year on the mission this Friday... time is so fast!!!!

Have an amazing week!!!

Sister Davis

Love my MTC Comp!!! Hard to believe I met Sister Mulitalo 1 year ago.
Temple time with Sister Kim Won Jin.
Hwayang District!
Exchanges in Dongdaemun & dinner with friends. <3 <3 <3
I LOVE Korean Street Food – Ice Cream filled Waffle Pizzas 와플
Picture of the Seoul & Seoul South Missions coming together for
Elder Bednar last month.

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