Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! So happy my Korean friends DORIS and Rylee could spend Thanksgiving with my family in Arizona! Thanksgiving does not exist in Korea. We asked our English class and not a single person had even heard of it! Literally. We taught about gratitude, blessings and 감사 prayers... along with shopping, football and food. We celebrated Thanksgiving with a huge service project... making Kimchi!! :)  Love Kimchi!! Smelled like it for 3 days. Then later, we continued celebrating at our Stake President’s house with Marina and our investigators… and ate a beautiful, amazing Thanksgiving dinner!! We also ended with the first snow of winter in Korea!! COLD. Soooo so freezing... but also beautiful!

Also exciting news: our miracle investigator is getting baptized this weekend!!!! The baptism was pushed back a week because he wasn't able to come to church, but he is SO prepared and excited for this weekend!! It's amazing how drastically my prayers of gratitude have changed within just one year. 

This week we met with our English class investigator. For the past 2 weeks, we started meeting her individually outside of English class to read the Book of Mormon stories book in English. She LOVES it, and has opened up so much through the Joseph Smith story. At one point we asked her what it would mean to her if this story was true. She paused, looked up, and said "It's...truly...a miracle." In that moment, the spirit literally enveloped us, witnessing what a miracle the Book of Mormon and Restoration is and what it means for us. We are so lucky and blessed to have this gift. It answers all questions, provides us with hope and strength, teaches us how to find happiness.  I felt it especially this week, I can see its effects on the people I have met in Korea, my family, and now our investigator who is feeling and recognizing the spirit for the first time. It is a miracle! 

Have a good week! My favorite holiday is almost here!! Seoul doesn't know Thanksgiving, but they already set up for Christmas 3 weeks ago!!:) So excited!
Sister Davis

We didn’t take any pictures in Seoul this week, but here are a few my mom sent me. All of these mission friends stayed at my house in AZ for Jamie Wilcox’s (my greenie trainer) wedding. 

So glad that Doris & Rylee got to see the Grand Canyon & spend Thanksgiving with my family. <3 <3 <3 

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