Thursday, December 8, 2016

BEST NEWS: Brother 채현식 (Chae Hyeong Shik) was Baptized... Amazing!!

Hiii~ Happy December!! This week was sooo so good!! Good news: It is freezinnng...and we finallyy got our boiler fixed in our house after 2 months of cold showers and floors (the floors are heated in Korea~^^) BEST NEWS: Brother 채현식(Chae Hyeong Shik) was Baptized on Saturday!! Amazing. He shared his testimony and talked about the first time we met. It was on the subway, loud, his first time talking about God and prayer on a subway... but he remembered a warm feeling as we talked and kept wondering what it was after we left. We were 3 stops late past our station (ㅎㅎ) so quickly had to leave = no name, no number, but he had our Halloween party invitation and came the next day!! He said every time he has met the missionaries, come to church, or read the Book of Mormon, he has found that warm feeling again. Now that he is baptized and has the Holy Ghost, he can always have that feeling with him!! 

Funny side note. He left his baptism straight to 광화문 to protest the President... (literally millions of people... basically all of Seoul gets together every Saturday night to protest). ㅋㅋㅋ We also celebrated at the Sonksen's house last night for a Christmas open house with Marina, Lilo and Karla. I saw Min Su, Na Hyeah (Converts from Sinchon - it's been soooo long!!) and her sister who was baptized Saturday night too! Min Su told me, "Davis Chamaenym. Our houses will be next to each other in the Celestial Kingdom!"

This week at MLC, we watched the video of Peter walking on water, (always love this story) but I noticed something different this time. Peter asks Christ if he can come out on the water, and right away Christ looks at him and just says, "Come," not thinking, hesitating... completely confident that Peter can do it. Sometimes when we try something new, receive a calling, keep commandments, experience a trial... we're good at focusing on our weaknesses, fears, worries doubts. We look at the storm, like Peter, instead of focusing on our Savior. But we need to remember that during those times, Christ has already looked at us with confidence and said, "Come." He trusts us, believes in us, knows we can do it. Why does our Savior sometimes have more faith in us than we have in ourselves?

Always remember who's with us and who's rooting for us! Have a good week!!!!
Sister Davis, Dobby, 체린

Our cute investigator MiJin Kim!!
She's an artist and moving to New York next year!!
Her husband Bae Gyong Oo!
President and Sister Sonksen’s Christmas party!!
Families are Forever!  가족은 영원히  (gajog-eun yeong-wonhi)
My girls!:)

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