Wednesday, January 13, 2016

한국에 가겠어요!!!!!! We Got Our Flight Plans!!!

Hello, hello! It is officially my last Pday in America. We have our flight plans and will be leaving for the airport at 4:30 am on Monday...and 18 hours later will be arriving in Seoul! "Caitieday is dipping out" (for real though). Woo! It's been the best to have Allie (Sister Romney - forget literally every time I introduce her...) here for my last week. We have gym and meals together everyday and I promise we are obedient missionaries and go to sleep by 10:30. Also, SO HAPPY to see my best friends Sam and Mackenzie at the temple on Tuesday, Best surprise!!

So this week's MTC story is a good one - pay attention - also remember I'm the world's longest story appreciate the details! So every Sunday and Tuesday night, we have a devotional here where a general authority/member of MTC administration/someone along those lines comes and speaks to the missionaries. Last Tuesday, the Japanese missionaries were in charge of the prayers for the devotional and my literal thoughts during the meeting: "I'm so lucky that I leave in a week...Korea is probably up next!" So of course later that night, my branch President calls me in and tells me I have been asked to give the closing prayer next Tuesday (my last devotional). I may or may not be joking when I say I stressed about it every day for the next week. BUT, yesterday I find out that it will be a special devotional, broadcasted to 14 other MTCs around the world....why? Because surprise! Elder Neil L. Anderson of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles is speaking to us! Annnd sister Davis is giving the closing prayer. Talk about the most exciting/scariest moment of my mission thus far. The best part: After the prayer, Elder Anderson stands up and shakes my hand (I'm still shaking and smiling so huge - you can imagine) and asks where I'm serving. I lied, actual best part: As he introduces me to his wife (remember I'm going to Korea and have been practicing Asian etiquette for 9 weeks), I smile, bow and say nice to meet you. WHAT. I don't remember exactly what happened, but I'm pretty positive I walked off the stage thinking, "Did I just bow to the apostle's wife?" 3 Apostles, David Archuletta...I guess you could say I did pretty well in my 9 weeks here!!

This week we read chapter 20 in the book, "Jesus the Christ," which talks about all of Christ's miracles. MY favorite story was about Jairus. He was one of the rulers of a synagog, who humbly comes to Jesus and asks Him to heal his 12-year-old daughter, who was practically dead as he left her. Along the way, Christ stops to heal the woman who touches His cloak in the streets. I feel like in this situation I would have been like, "Wait, Jesus. My daughter is almost dead and there isn't time to stop." Instead, Jairus continues to patiently look to Christ with faith. Then as they reach his house, a messenger comes to tell Jairus that his daughter is now dead. At this point, I most likely would have given up, probably selfishly thinking, "If we hadn't stopped, maybe we would have made it back in time." However Jairus, learning his daughter is dead, says to Jesus, "My daughter is even now dead; but come and lay thy hand upon her and she shall live." NO matter what happened, his hope and faith endured. Then Jesus raises his daughter from the dead. As we read these stories, I noticed that every miracle Christ performed was a reflection of faith. Our ability to see miracles in our lives/missions is conditional on our faith in Christ. We also have to turn outwards, forget ourselves and serve others. Even as his daughter is dying, Jairus puts others' needs before his own. He looked to the Savior always, knowing He would heal her in any circumstances. As we have faith and focus on others, we will recognize God's hand in others lives and our own. We will see little miracles every day!!

Sorry this email was a novel....but next time you hear from me will be from KOREA! I can't even explain how I currently feel: overwhelmed, excited, afraid...must mostly can't wait! Family: I get to call you in 5 days!! Be ready for that 6:30 AM phone call. Excited! Have a good week everyone! 


Davis 자매 (Caitieday)

Flight plans - Korea bound!!!!

Ktown - Last week at the MTC

I love temple time with Mackenzie and Sam!

Davis Chamaenym and Soeur Romney

Selfies with Sisters!!!

Peace out Provo!!!!

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