Thursday, January 7, 2016

MTC week 7....8? Who knows!

Hello! So new year = new schedule, meaning I have "Pday" on Wednesdays now...but only for 2 weeks because next week is my last in America!! SO excited (slash slightly terrified) and ready (ahh.. ) to finally make it to KOREA! Our full-on Korean name tags came in last night and we should be getting our flight plans this Friday! Getting real. Highlight of this week: seeing Allie today on her first day in the MTC! I am running to their car as they are waving and pulling in, when a guy stops me and says I'm not allowed to go meet them. Still obedient and waiting until Allie gets closer...finally I run and hug her while Jen breaks through the MTC police. It was so great to get a hug from her & her mom. Then the same guy comes yelling at us, "Sister! Sister! What did I tell you!!" So funny. Reunited! Yesterday our two native sisters arrived who will be leaving with us to Korea and both serving in Seoul. Sister Kang is from Pusan and speaks no English and Sister Lee is from Korea, but has been living in New Zealand for 5 years and speaks both Korean and English fluently. The first thing she says when we meet: "Hi! Wait I know you...I read your blog!" She's so fun and promised to teach me how to use chopsticks the "right way" before we get to Korea. She also brought the spiciest noodles in this world and basically told me I'm going to die in Korea. So ps. please pray that I will survive the spicy food. 12 days. So excited!!

The coming! It is a literal roller coaster where one day I will be speaking/understanding/throwing a party in my head and then the next day completely humbled/struggling/realizing I know nothing. On Monday we learned adjectives - literally blew my mind, but in the best way. It's crazy because in Korean, an adjective can be an entire subject, object, verb phrase. A sentence could be Adjective (S O V), Main subject, Adjective (S O V) secondary subject, linking form, Adj. (S O V) main object, Adverb, secondary verb, main verb. Sorry, probably just disregard all that craziness because I don't explain well. Basicallyyy adjectives are making all the grammar forms make sense and life is so much fun putting together all these puzzles that make sentences. Literally you should see us missionaries in class - begging for homework. Not joking. I'm such a grammar nerd. That being said...speaking is an entirely different story. We took our "MTC week 6 grammar assessment," where they give us 8 questions and we quickly respond (without preparation) as they record our answers. Wow...who is that American speaking terrible Korean? It will come!!

Last week I learned a huge lesson on humility. On Friday our district was selected to help clean the Provo temple. We leave for the temple and I'm thinking "oh awesome cleaning the temple, maybe we will get to pull down the chandeliers or something and clean it." We then show up and are sent to the basement where I cleaned the baseboards for over two hours on my knees with a toothbrush (try not to laugh Demi). I had been sick all week, we were cold from walking, skipped lunch, had gotten toilets as our “Celestial Service” (chores) for the third week in a row...and I hate to admit it but I started to feel a little negative as I scrubbed...with a toothbrush. During this time of feeling sorry for myself, I remembered what I have been praying for my entire mission, the ability to forget myself and turn outward (my lifelong weakness but something my companion exemplifies every day.) I kept praying that I would be able to change my attitude and look outside of myself. I immediately thought of the story where Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. I realized that if the Savior were in my position, He would never complain. He would humbly get on his knees to scrub the lowest point of His holy temple, happily finish the job, then ask what else He could do to help and probably make a parable out of it. The Savior ALWAYS turned outwards and spent His entire life loving, serving and teaching. I know that as I love and serve others and follow Christ's example, I will be able to forget myself and become more like Him. Elder Bednar told us that we are all agents who act, not objects that are acted upon. We usually can't control what happens to us (positive or negative), but we always have the option to choose how we will respond within the circumstances we are given. I know that as we study the Savior's life, strive to follow His example and sincerely pray for help, God will help us to become more like Christ.

Have a good week everyone!! Happy 2016!!
Love you,

Davis Chamae

Full Korean name tags - Woo!

I can actually read this!
Mama Jen busting past the MTC patrol to give that hug - Love you guys! happy!!!  ALLIE!
Newest Korean missionaries - all sisters!
Goofy Elders!
Sister Davis and Elder Lydon's post-holiday sugar fast!

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