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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving in the MTC

Hii I'm alive!! I feel like I haven't talked to you in a month...yet at the same time this week flew by! Time is weird here. As I read your letters I'm realizing how much has happened!! I've noticed that I tend to write some form of "Loved today" or "Best day ever!" every night in my journal...So I guess you could say I like being a missionary. Ps. I LOVED all the letters and packages this week. Thank you, thank you!! - It's like Christmas every day (literally. The Elders claim I set the MTC record for most packages...I don't mind <3 ) Mom we love our Christmas decorations, pictures and ALL the candy! *Funny sidenote - In Korean the words for "candy" (Sahtang) and "Satan" (Sahtan) are almost identical...and bc no one wants "MTC-15" everyone always says Candy is Satan...we love it though (reminds me of Demi's kitchen) Also I LOVE your idea of the "25 favorite family Christmas stories" - one for each day! Excited to read the book and eat our chocolate! Ps. we are going to continue the "Last Straw" tradition and I promise to cry at the same part of the story you do every year mom. So happy its Christmas season!!

LANGUAGE UPDATE: Literal leaps this week...progress! I'm finally able to contribute in the lessons. This started with memorizing my favorite sentence: "Irkojushigaesemnika" - "Will you please read?" (game changer). It's funny because at least 3 times in the lesson Mulitalo Chamaenym would provide this huge intro and testimony of the scripture, then look to me for the signal to say my line and proceed to hand them the book! Teamwork goals. Really though, I love learning Korean and am already seeing miracles. I constantly pray that the spirit will work through my lang. limitations in a way that my investigators can understand, feel love, and meet their specific needs. On Monday's lesson, we had originally planned to teach on faith/repentance but it turned into prayer. With no words or preparation, I stood up and went to the chalk board...somehow I was able to communicate (through acting and broken sentences) the steps of prayer and its importance. We asked Brother Quaktesu how he felt and invited him to pray and HE DID. Such a genuinely happy moment. I know the spirit guided that lesson and makes us capable of things we can't do on our own. We have also moved on from "scripted" lessons and yesterday I did a little party dance under the desk when I UNDERSTOOD our investigators story response to our question. 2 weeks!! Miracles.

Ok now I just want to talk about Thanksgiving because it was an amazing day! Of course, my heart hurt in the morning missing my family (wondering if you guys were running turkey trot, watching parade, playing football or making all the food), but then we opened our devotional with the song "Families can be Together Forever." In that moment I was so grateful for the promise of eternal families. Then Elder Dallin H. Oaks spoke!! It was incredible..the immediate spirit filling the room as he walked in (total surprise to us). He spoke about being grateful for adversity. Trials are opportunities to come closer to God and become who He knows we can be. Even when we can't see it, God's plan is ALWAYS better than our own. Then we had Thanksgiving meal for lunch! The onlyyy thing I like on Thanksgiving is dad's mashed I was really concerned going in (they have had fake, mushy potatoes at all the other dinners. Can't even talk about it) But Thanksgiving miracle! They went all out and had REAL potatoes, rolls, Apple pie with icecream and eggnog. It was amazing and I was full and happy. Next we had a huge service project where we put together meals for starving children in Utah. The MTC made over 350,000 packets (Miracle #2). Last we watched the movie "17 Miracles" and had a closing devotional with Mormon messages and musical performances...(ps sidenote - Mormon messages has a new video coming out every day for Christmas...what missionaries get excited about. Almost better than Thursday night Vampire Diaries...almost) Anyway in the end we sang the hymn "I Believe in Christ." By the chorus of the first verse every missionary in the MTC started standing until the whole room stood and testified of Christ. I don't know if I've ever felt the spirit so strong...almost tangible. So overwhelming I could barely sing. Powerful. Jesus Christ lives and loves us. I know it and I feel it. After...the MTC had a surprise for us...CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!! So happy it is officially my favorite time of year! Lots and lots of pictures!!

Definitely a different Thanksgiving than usual, but I spend the entire day happy and grateful to be a missionary. "Because I have been given much, I too must give." I love and miss you all so much!! Thanks for the letters and're the best!!

Davis Chamae

Christmas Decorations with Woo Chamaenym

Thanksgiving and the MTC Christmas lights


First talk in Korean

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